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character designs on character designs

Guess who’s gonna be needle felting for stop motion this semester :)


pixel pals

Asker nadicchii Asks:
Ollo, just asking did you teach yourself to draw? What kind of reference you use when you practice? The motivation to draw? When you draw is it spontaneous or did you plan it first? I hope you don't mind me asking (´;ω;`)
milky-art milky-art Said:

Of course you can ask!
- I started off teaching myself and then looking to anatomy and (unfortunately) how-to-draw anime books. They were good inspiration but stifled me from finding my own style for a long time.
- If I’m drawing something I’m really unfamiliar with, like cars, I go to reference immediately, but if I’m drawing people I try to sketch the form first and if something looks off, I’ll use reference to correct it. I think the posture stays more organic that way. Good reference to use is pictures you take of friends; or if you’re not drawing something specific, draw a still of an action movie or a nature documentary. That way you can get a lot of movement in your poses, and not draw something that a bunch of people have just found off google images.
- Motivation can be difficult if you don’t have an assignment from a teacher or commissioner… really the only way to do it is to plan out time when you’ll totally be able to sit down and draw for a while. And get stoked about what you’re doing! If you have trouble finding motivation, just start out drawing something you LOVE to draw, and then you’ll find the enthusiasm to draw more difficult things soon.
- When I’m just messing in my sketchbook, I kinda draw whatever I feel like, but if I have to do a bigger, full colored piece, I definitely take time to plan it out, either in a lot of sketches or by digitally rearranging things a hundred times. That way, when I get to doing lineart and painting, I don’t regret my positioning decisions.

Happy drawling, friends !
And if you’d like a tutorial on something, let me know- I’m starting a list for the new Youtube channel


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milk bounce

My life changed the second I realized I could use brushes other than the nasty ones Photoshop gives you. If you’ve ever wondered how to make and edit your own brush for painting and drawing, check my New Tutorial!

written instructions also in link

Watch here: x

Before I knew what I was doing in Photoshop, I used to watch speed paint videos to get myself excited about it. So now, I made one!
Likely a tutorial to follow about all the steps and tricks to digital art c:

tfw being art directed wields really nice results

same/different folks

some pixels I’ve been stewing up for my Frederator Books internship…
can you guess the influence?

it ain’t the prettiest gif but it’s the process to making my new sidebar image ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Cheers, PPG! Can’t wait for the reboot!
Drawn by our splendid intern Brianna



Gather round the ImpossiBBQ!
Drawn by our splendid intern Brianna

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