Game Artist at Fortis Games      August 2021- Present
- Iterate on environment, character, and building designs to assist with visual development of game’s art style
- Manage feedback and time lines for more junior concept artists
- Research and present market trend data relating to game theming, interface, and art style
Lead Artist at Fox Cub      March 2021- August 2021
- Led the art direction, timeline and strategy for the fully remote art team
- Created training documentation and mentored outsource artists
- Produced concepts for characters, props, and backgrounds
- Developed concepts into 2D assets for animation, key art, and events
- Designed optimized workflows for remote game content pipeline based on developer and animation team input
- Market research and development of art style for multiple different titles
Game Artist at Fox Cub      July 2020- March 2021
- Matched and expand upon an existing style for concept art, in-game assets, promotional images, and UI
- Iterated on ideas for ads and promotional artwork based on research from ad campaigns and surveys
Freelance Artist       November 2018- Present
- Produced contracted art including concept art, 2D asset art, 3D character modeling and animation, merch illustrations, and Twitch emotes
- Sought and corresponded with clients such as art directors, professional streamers and indie game programmers over the span of the contract
- Artist Alley business involving art production, overseeing manufacturers, and direct interaction with customers
Game Artist at Genius Plaza      June 2017- August 2018
- Created 2D concept art, 3D models, sprites, and animations for mobile
- Led discussions of stylistic direction and feedback between the art team
Lead Artist on Bedlamball      2016 - 2018
- Directed and created all in-game art including character sprites, splash screen, HUD design, animations, backgrounds, and VFX
- Selected to show at PAX East Rising 2018, Otakon 2017, MagFest 2017

Freelance Content Curator + Designer at Toca Boca (Toca TV)      February 2016- April 2017
- Managed outreach to creators and acquisition of original content for a new video-on-demand app
- Created brand identities through different channels’ video thumbnails

Autodesk Maya
Substance Painter


Bachelor of Arts: Illustration
Pratt Institute

In-Game Asset Creation
Character & Prop Design

Environment Design
Marketing Illustration
Team Management
Pixel Art
Vector Art

3D Modeling
Texture Maps
2D Animation

Art Direction
Remote Work
Scrum Framework

Fede Puopolo (Co-worker)
Senior Animator at Fortis Games and Fox Cub

Brann is one of the most creative and talented artists I've ever worked with. We have been working closely together for over three years (both at Fox Cub and Fortis Games) and their ability to work on challenging projects wearing different hats inspires and motivates the art team to achieve their best. In addition to having an amazing talent to deliver game assets, Brann is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and communication, which makes them an exceptional and positive team leader. Their genuine kindness makes working remotely much more enjoyable, so I hope we can continue to work together on many projects.

Holly Mellor (Direct Manager)
Creative Director / Senior Producer at Fox Cub / Fortis Games

Logical and thorough, Brann brings something different. Brann is a rare type of artist with a deep understanding of art as a product in games. I had the pleasure to work with them as their direct manager, and they were a crucial player in creating our art style and design. Their ability to discover creative solutions during the design process was impressive. Besides creating stunning fantasy art, Brann managed junior artists and guided them on implementing our art styles. With a positive and encouraging attitude, they always got the best out of their teammates. Level-headed with a remarkable ability to communicate their vision, Brann is a star in any team leadership.
Ian Wang (Senior)
Co-founder and CEO at Fox Cub
Brann is a transformative artist who can deliver the right design even if you aren't sure what the right design was. In brainstorming sessions with Brann, I generally come into it with a game design/product perspective. I'll talk about feelings or emotions that we want the player to experience. Brann is exceptional in asking insightful questions and then translating those answers into appropriate visual options. I've worked with many artists, and Brann's ability to listen, receive feedback, think dispassionately about their work, and create meaningful new iterations genuinely stands out. Brann can do this not because they follow instructions blindly but because they develop a robust and unique perspective to the solution and then layers the feedback on top of that perspective to create new solutions. I see Brann taking and using this approach throughout their interaction with other team members, often offering timely suggestions to unblock stuck artists. Brann is a respected and well-liked member of the team with whom I've truly enjoyed working.
Randy Hagmann (Co-worker)
Concept Artist at Fox Cub Games
Brann is an extremely talented artist able to easily juggle a variety of illustration, UI/UX and Design tasks at once. Brann was able to successfully jump from different art styles across a range of games providing assistance as needed, all the while creating a polished and quality product. Beyond their art, Brann also helped create Style Guides for our games, and was instrumental in giving feedback to outsource artists and helping to iterate on ideas in the planning phases of our games. Always ready for feedback to improve, and producing great work - Brann would be an asset to any team.

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